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SEO Alive turns Google Search Console data into useful and actionable SEO insights.

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We are building the most complete SEO software in the world. Through real data from Search Console, we are able to build intuitive dashboards and valuable insights so as you can obtain better SEO results and increase organic ROI.

Unlimited Data

No more 1000-rows limits in data-exports or 16 months in data-retention. We provide you unlimited data from Search Console thanks to your APi connection and as soon as you connect the project with us, you are able to see more data than in Google Search Console because we save everything.

Intuitive Dashboards

We provide several pre-built dashboards from real data so as you can have a quick professional understanding of the SEO situation & growth of your website. 12 month overview growth, month over month (MoM) comparison and year over year (2) trends. Everything built for you.

Trends and Changes

Did you see a traffic positive or negative trend? Identify the keywords and pages that created that impact is not easy in Search Console. We show you all the keywords and pages trends in different time frames so as you can see exactly the causes of the trends and changes.


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Our best-in-class SEO software has features for for every situation and use-case.

SEO Manager

  • Daily alerts on changes
  • Keywords & pages changes
  • Real-time updates

Marketing Agencies

  • Multiple account-management
  • Pre-built SEO reports
  • User management


  • API Access (coming soon)
  • Data Retention & Security
  • Unlimited data access

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